He's doing it on purpose!!!


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Little poop! :eek: He is moving his mistking nozzles out of the way so he can sit on his vine! I thought it was an accident, but he's moved it again. Just walked by to see this for the third time this week! :mad:




Have any of your little ones done things like this? :rolleyes:
Lol thats hilarious. Mine hasn't done that because I have the nozzles on the outside of the enclosure pointing in.
my chameleon angles his all over the place. never outside the cage though just around his cage. I feel like hes watering his plants its hilarious lol
Lol he's the boss :) I don't have a mister as my girl prefers drops but I bet she would do this just to get on my wick! You could try moving them? Maybe he doesn't like it spraying on his fave place to sit and chill?
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