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We took hermie to the vet today ... and ALL of his bones fused together that were splinted (we had left one un touched so that he had one "Free" arm). Two of them healed pretty well, one back leg healed pretty crooked, but the bones fused! He is gaining bone density too, and has gained about 5 grams in the past two weeks.

We wont be putting him back in his big enclosure for a while still, bc his bones are still weak, especially where they broke and fused, and we don't want him to fall and rebreak them. So the vet said that we can slowly start adding more "climbing features" to his current cage.

We are very happy ... hermie seems very glad to have his bandages off too. Well, taking them off wasn't so easy and he definately tried to bite everyone involved, but it was good to see his attitude back!


The vet also said that she doesn't think that he has a URI.
That is great news Jam :D

Have you taken any pictures of Hermie during this process?
My laptop (which has all of my photos on it) is in getting fixed right now, but when I get it back I'll try and find a good one! I took a lot of pictures ... but most of them didn't turn out very well; dark and dingy.

He's having some trouble walking right now. I'm not sure why, but when he walks he keeps grabbing his right front with his right back and then wont let go! He tries to bring his right front to walk, but the right back is still hanging onto it, and thus he gets himself into a bind. I'm hoping with time he'll get used to his "new legs" and he can sort it out.

But overall we're very happy!
Thats very good news to hear. Its upsetting to know that your cham has a problem but it must be the best feeling in the world when you find out that its getting sorted out!

I wish him all my best to get better:D
I Recently Discovered This Forum. I'm Glad To Hear Your Chameleon Is Better. I Feel Horrible B/C My Chameleon Which I've Only Had About 3 Months Hurt Her Leg. I'm not sure if it was broken are just hurt. I did everything i knew to nurse her back to health and she walks much better and has somewhat healed but its obviouse it was hurt. I've never taken her to a vet and am upset with myself for lack knowledge raising this pet. I hope to learn more and give my pet a better life.
Well, don't think that Hermie's legs dont' show signs of his past. Even with having regular veterinary care and having them splinted they healed crooked (in fact one femur healed at almost a 90* angle by xray, but it doesn't look THAT bad). It was just too difficult to set them to heal straight.
Caring and doing the best that you can are sometimes all that you can do. Good for you for being here -- you'll get a lot of GREAT advice!!
Yay Hermie! And cheers to a job very nicely done Jam. You have really put a lot of effort, money, and time to help Hermie and there is no doubt he couldn't have done it without you. Great job!

I wonder if he is grabbing his legs because he is used to the splints and he may be feeling a bit tender without the support? I broke my leg years ago and when I had the cast removed my leg was weak and it kind of hurt and felt uncomfortable to bend at the knee and walk. It took a bit for my leg to get it's flexibility and strength back.

Maybe the correlation between Hermie's experience is similar to my broken leg experience?
That very likely could be true and would make sense -- the back leg that he's grabbing the front leg with is one that was splinted so that the knee was immobilized, but it's also the one that healed straight. I also wonder, the leg that he's grabbing is the only one still splinted (it had previously been left un splinted), and I wonder if it's affecting that legs range of motion and so he's not getting out of the way quick enough and then he just grabs the first thing that his leg meets. Either way he is improving a little each day. He has "therapy" every night where I take him out and have him walk on my lap, hands, arms, whatever but we work on building his muscles back up, and preventing his back leg from grabbing the front leg.

He's the real trouper though and fighter. I never would have thought he was going to make it, bc he was so tempermental, but he's really pulled himself through.
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