light and feeders left in the cage could cause it. id remove ay eftover crix because they can litterally eat your chameleon live at night


just found out why!!! it was my phone that i left in the room and it kept going off or there was a large cricket wondering around in the i removed it and checked him out just 5 mins ago and he is a sleep now!!!!
hopefully that solved theproblems, i really havnt noticed anything like that because my tree frogs are next to my chams and they are up all night moving around. they seem to sleep fine tho


yeah i just notice that ever night that when the lights go out he is asleep. but tonight it was! oh well thanks friends!!


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if the phone was lit up brightly, that could disturb him.
but sounds wont.
they are esenntially deaf.
now, if the phone was vibrating on his table, or where he could feel the vibrations, that could do it.
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