We have a major issue or at least it feels like it to me I have not received my Chamaeleon yet but I decided to go ahead and order his food for later from Great Lakes Horn worms I put in the detail where it says any special questions for them with my order saying I wanted it to be delivered for April then I receive a message saying that they have already sent the bugs the bugs I have ordered are the wax worms crickets and horn worms but if they’re already on the way am I CHAMAELEON isn’t even here yet that’s where we have a problem how do I keep my bugs alive by the time my chameleons tear my CHAMAELEON will be here on April 12 PLEASE HELP
I haven't ordered from Great Lakes Hornworms so I don't know their policy on returns. You could return the bugs and reorder them again closer to when he arrives. I've never fed my chameleon wax worms but I know crickets don't grow super fast. Hornworms grow pretty fast but I think if you keep them cold they'll grow slower. If they're too cold they will die! It's not like you're trying to keep the bugs for a very long time. They should be able to survive a month. Good luck!

Persnickety Parson's

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Well you could raise the hornworms and allow them to turn into moths, they are fun in their own way. Unfortunately your pretty much out of luck since the natural lifespans of feeders you ordered is short.

Hornworms especially grow very quickly.

Depending on the size if the crickets you maybe able to keep them till April assuming they are two week olds. Just keep them in a well ventilated container and make sure they have access to fresh veggies on a daily basis.

If you keep fish you can give them fish food in addition to the veggies.

The waxies are a complete loss unless you want to get really labor intensive and either get a frame from a beekeeper with honey ans pollen on it or make their required diet.

Try explaining it to the company and see if they will help you.

Klyde O'Scope

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I would call the vendor ASAP, and follow-up with an email (for documentation of what occurred/was said in the call).

Would you rather keep the feeders and try to keep them alive until your chameleon does, return them for a refund, or what? You need to make it clear to the vendor, and due to your instructions, this is on them. Then the ball's in their court.

I expect they will see their error and just refund your money and let you do what you will with the feeders, but IDK—I've never dealt with that vendor.

Good luck
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