HELP !!!

My female veiled chameleon has fallen out a branch not the main problem she is now upside down and has been hanging I think she is egg bound she was inbottom corner of tank all day today that is guys
I only got her 2 weeks ago and when I was transfering her over to her new tank I was cleaning out the old one and found old eggs in her substrate so I presume she would lay again in her coconut husk fibre or do I need a bin??


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I couldn’t tell you, but sounds like she may be egg bound. Only a vet can diagnose and help solve this problem.


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Defo waiting on appointment thanks for help
I think your lying to the only people trying to help you. Do you really have an appointment?

About 12:30 AM you said she had an appointment in 3 hours so she should have seen the vet 3:30 AM my time. It’s 9:30 AM now and 20 mins ago you said your waiting for the appointment.
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