Help with leaving cham for the weekend


So basically i’m unexpectedly leaving for two days, im leaving today (thursday) and coming back on sunday so all my reptiles will still get care on sunday - ive always had someome come and watch my chameleon but this time im not going to be able to have someome come in. I’ve had him for about 2 years, so he’s not a baby and I know he’ll probably be fine with no food for two days - but its the water im concerned about. I do not have an automatic dripper (i’d like to get one soon but there’s no way id be able to get one today) but I do have a big dripper - if i soaked down his leaves tonight, set up his dripper, and left him a dish of water (for emergencies because sometimes he will come down and drink from his dish) do you guys think he’d be fine? I just read some other posts saying that its super bad for them to go without water for two days and it made me concerned. Thanks!


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This is a veiled youre talking about? I wouldnt be concerned about food. Do you have someone who can hand mist the cage down once a day? Are your lights on a timer? Big dripper on a verrrry slow drip would help.


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I have been in this situation before, leaving for a couple of days without timers and such. Your cham will definitely be fine two days without food, just make sure when you get back you give him a little extra food if you are concerned. Veileds are tougher than most people realize, but you never want to push it. As long as there is some kind of water available, no matter how much, he should be fine. For next time though, an automatic mister and a lights timer would be ideal. Once I started taking longer vacations, the timer and mister made a huge difference.
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