Help! Temperature Issues


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  • Your Chameleon - Veiled, female, age unknown- estimated 5 months old. She has been in my care 1 week and 1/2.
  • Handling - rarely to get her out while rearranging limbs in her cage.
  • Feeding - crickets, superworms, I have ordered Dubai and BSF larvae . I have offered squash & kale but she did not eat it. She eats crickets-6-10 per day...split into two feedings with 1 or 2 left over from morning feeding for her to snack on during the day. She has eaten them every day before the second feeding. I have removed any not eaten after the 2nd feeding. I hand fed her 2 superworms with her meal this morning. I am feeding once about 8 am and once about 3 pm. The crickets have been given squash, kale, & oranges and cricket crack. The superworms are in some type of flakes (not sure if it is oats or what they are in) I added some cricket crack.
  • Supplements - Calcium w/O D3 daily, multivitamin 2 x monthly, Calcium with D3 2x monthly.
  • Watering -drip 2-3 times a day for aprox 20-30 minutes. Hand spray 2-3 times a day for aprox 5 minutes.
  • Fecal Description - brown feces with mostly white urates. She has not ever been tested for parasites?
  • History - The pet store said they had her in the back due to space and they frequently handled and hand fed her. I have been keeping handling to a minimum since she has been here only a few days and I don't want to stress her.

Cage Info:

  • Cage Type - 30 inches by 15 inches screen Zoo Med cage- Bigger on planned to fit this summer.
  • Lighting - Currently Zoomed 5.0 coil and 40 watt household bulb in a double dome. I have a t5 with 6% Arcadia on the way (being shipped). Lighting is on a timer that turns on from 7 am -7 pm.
  • Temperature - I am getting WAY different readings from all 3 thermometers . Zoomed 96, temp gun- 85, AccuRite- 77
  • Floor is ranges 65-75 degrees based on where I measure and how much plant cover in that spot. Lowest overnight temp- 64 degrees. I measure the temps with the Zoomed digital thermometer, temperature gun, and AccuRite digital thermometer & humidity gauge.
  • Humidity - ~60% (80 after misting) Misting 2-3 times daily for aprox 5 minutes each.
  • Plants - some artificial vines with leaves & 2 live pothos along with 2 of another species of plant (I can’t remember what kind at the moment, but I took the safe plant list with me when I bought it).
  • Placement - The cage is not near an air vent. It is in my bedroom. The cage is sitting on the floor temporarily until I find a spot or stand. The top of the cage is 30 inches from the floor.
  • Location - South Carolina
  • Current problem-I noticed the basking spot was getting warmer than it should (according to the zoo med) so I put in a 40 watt bulb. I’m trying to get the temps right, but I am getting totally different readings from all three thermometers. One is way too high, one is way too low, and one is just right. I don’t know which one to believe. I let the two stationary thermometers sit for 10 minutes before reading them. The bulb has been on for 3 hrs. I am getting WAY different readings from all 3 thermometers . Zoo Med 96, temp gun- 85, AccuRite- 77
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I know you said you don't know the age. But babies and adults have different temp needs. Can you give your best guess or post pictures with something for size comparison?
The probe can take ten or so minutes to adjust to temps as well. I've heard the heat guns aren't the most accurate but I do not know that for a fact as I've never used one.


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Hi sorry, I just copied and pasted from the last time I posted. I have now edited the post with some of the things I have changed based on recommendations from members.
My guess here is that the heat gun is correct. How does the heat feel though? It should be quite warm on your hand but really not hot. If the highest thermometer is correct I think you'll be able to tell.
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