help! sunken eyes!


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bentley is very cute! i love his colors! my chameleon looks so different now compared to when he was a baby. thank you for the information by the way.

just one more question.. why does my chameleon always display darker colors even when he is stressed? your cham's colors are so much brighter than mine!
Both of those pics Bentley had just seen Beman. So he was firing up trying to put on a display due to seeing another cham. IME they only fire up intensely when they are extremely pissed or have seen another cham. Otherwise they will hold their resting colors more muted and darker.

These were his resting colors.



sorry for posting again on this forum, just want to show off his cage after i cleaned it!


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it's a vulture bone statue for halloween lol, my cham doesn't notice it at all
Does not surprise me my cham likes to walk up to my dog and bully him sometimes. Scared me one day when she roamed out of her free roam room and went downstairs to say hello i guess...
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