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I have a veiled chameleon about 4 months old for about a week, and from today I have noticed he sometimes just sits there with his mouth open. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas please.
Thanks in advance
Thanks for the very fast reply.
its only about 76 in the center of the viv but the thermometer is about 18 inch away from lights I keep spraying plants about 3 times a day
You need to get another thermometer.
You should be monitering not only the ambient temp (center of the cage) but also the basking area.
For your veiled the basking area should not go above 90 (at this age I would keep it at 80 to 85) and the ambient temp should be about 70 and hopefully lower in the bottom part of the cage.
The temp at night should be around 65 degrees.

I would have a thermometer in your hottest area too, i have 2 - one at furthest point from basking area and one in the hottest area.

How close is he to his heat lamp?
Well, it´s quite normal temperature. And is your cham doing it while seeing you? It may be a way how to terrify you. Does he swing from one side to another with opened mouth and blown-out his "second chin"?
Actually if the center of the cage is 76 I'm going to guess the animal is too hot.
Almost 80 degrees several inches away from the basking area is too hot.

right thank you I will get another one in the morning.
I have turned one of the lights off so it should cool down a bit, and she is hiding under some ivy now.
by the way I was told I would need a fogger but the humidity is on 75 now so should I get one or not please I didn't want it to make it too humid.
75 is great!
Foggers are a waste of money and you don't need it.
Lots of misting is good though!
Let your enclosure dry out in between.

right thanks I will.
when I mist the viv I don't spray the chameleon aswell do I
I have read loads before I bought the chameleon honest :)
but all the stuff you read never seem to explain enough
At four months old it is totally safe to mist the animal and recommended.
Make sure the water is pretty hot as it cools once it is sprayed out.
Your cham will probably not enjoy being misted but it's pretty crucial to the animals health and to encourage drinking and eye cleaning. I soak my veiled at least 3 times a day.

right thanks she cowered when I did spray her so I didn't spray her any more
but I will wait till morning as I will be turning lights off soon and it will cool down a bit

can I just take this opertunity to thank everyone who has replied to my questions. I have been on forums before about other subjects but I have never had a responce like this
Hey Brad,
while we're on the subject of misting, i'm looking into a misting system because i'm becoming incredibly iritated with the POS Habba mist. I'll only be misting one cage with the system, and i'd really not like to break the bank you know. Which would you recomend.
Check this out Brian. Ghetto mister

Works well. I like it because I use fresh water everytime and it is hot because it just came out of the tap. You can control the duration with how you pump it up. Not automatic though. You could make it automatic but that takes away the appeal of what it was for me. I did go out and buy an automated system last week. I did cost me $$$. My work schedule is getting crazy and all the other employees are dropping like flies so I had to do something.
I'm sorry but I'm not the person to ask.
I use an air pressurized hand mister (I also have only 1 enclosure to worry about right now).
Go to enclosure forum and resurect one of the treads on auto-misters and get others opinions.

Yeah Jordan, thats what's happening to me right now, and the POS Habba Mist isn't cutting it anymore. And Brad, will do! I really didn't think it was new thread worthy. But i'm just getting a little concerned that i won't be able to provide him with enough water if my schedule keeps declining as it is currently.
Get a temp gun...

best $25 you'll ever spend. You can check all over the cage, get accurate readings, even measure the temp of your cham's skin! (just keep the black wrist strap from dangling - scares the #*@& out of Cyrus!).

you can get them at for $30 incl ship. I got mine on ebay for $25 included shipping. They have fancier models but the PE I is all you need

One thing that hasn't been addressed in this thread is that there is another reason why a chameleon would be sitting around with its mouth open besides temps.. which sound like they aren't terribly high, unless the chameleon was sitting directly under the basking light?

When a chameleon has an upper respiratory infection, they will also do that. If it isn't heat related, you need to watch for signs of stringy saliva, a popping noise when your chameleon breaths, and general lethargic behavior. Then, it is vet time... and time to reassess your husbandry.

Thanks Heikashe was sat about 10 inch away from the light, I have left the big light off for now, so she has just got the uv and a smaller basking light, but will be looking out for the things you mentioned
thanks again everyone:)
Thanks Heikashe was sat about 10 inch away from the light, I have left the big light off for now, so she has just got the uv and a smaller basking light, but will be looking out for the things you mentioned
thanks again everyone:)

Cool beans, man.. :D
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