help me keep crickets off the walls & ceiling!

Discussion in 'Chameleon Food' started by Enochlg, Feb 16, 2013.

  1. Enochlg

    Enochlg New Member

    Anyone else had this problem?
    I put the crickets in their cages in the morning, and they all gravitate to the walls and then up to the corner where the walls meet the ceiling by the time I leave for work. Typically near heat lamp or the corners of the UV light.
    Then my panther chameleons seem to become oblivious to their existence, as the same numbers of crickets will remain until I remove them at night.
    Can someone provide a solution?
    I can't be the only one with this issue.
    Is cup feeding my only alternative? I prefer them to hunt for exercise and stimulation.
  2. tkilgour

    tkilgour Member

    You can cup feed. However, that is pretty typical behavior of crickets. Possibly, switch up your feeders and don't offer crickets for a week. Your guy will likely develop a taste for them again.
  3. ISA my Veiled

    ISA my Veiled New Member

    I would make a feeder, it contains them and then they can't get up to the spot. Maybe make two so that your chameleon doesn't get bored of them being in the same place or switch up where you hand the feeder itself. here is a link on how to make one, this is the best video and I used the directions to make about 3 of mine.
  4. nightanole

    nightanole Chameleon Enthusiast

    house crickets stay on the lower part of the cage. Banded crickets stay at the top part of the cage.
  5. Enochlg

    Enochlg New Member

    House are the ones with the long wings that are super noisy right?
    I've had the same experience with those, but I believe they were the Jamaican something or other..... Same thing?

    I do prefer the banded cricket a hundred times over, that's for sure!! They seem to gut load more easily and no chirping. Also just seem softer & meatier. Mmm I'm getting hungry. :eek:

    I've gotten supplies to make a feeding cup so well give that a go. I was wanting to order some roaches, which I couldn't stand to free range so I needed one anyways.

    Do roaches have the same habits? I would be getting dubia.
  6. lisagr07

    lisagr07 Avid Member

    Roaches are super quite and super easy to raise! Cup or hand feeding them is definitely the way to go with them. If turned loose in an enclosure, instead of going up to the top they will go to the bottom and hide in and under the plant pots. Making it very hard or the cham to find them and eat them.

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