Help i have a poorly veiled cham with a poor bum!


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Last sept i went abroad for couple months and Chedder my 4 1/2 yr old veiled cham went to stay with family. I gave them pages of info and my own advice to look after him... i came back and they hadnt followed all my advice, i dont have my own place yet but hes got so sick ive managed to get him to my friends where im staying.

Hes got progressivly worse and will be taking him to a vet as soon as my partner is able to when he isnt working, in the mean time i would like some help and advice so that i can try and get him better or alleviate some of the stress.

Disregarding my advice my cham whilst at family members was put in a room where people smoked, the room was also colder then i said it should be and he was being fed mealworms. Whilst in my care he was never round smoke, room was always the correct temperature and never fed him mealworms as ive researched, are harder then most things for him to digest so should be avoided.

His current condition is that hes not eatin, drinking so he is getting weak and wobbles or loses balance, hes not moving around much or basking, he keeps deep breathing and his bum is a funny shape. Im spraying him every half hour to try and keep him as hydrated as possible whilst he isnt drinking and until i can get him to the vet.

I was told that he seemed to struggle going to the toilet in the last couple days which could be why he doesnt want to eat or drink as too much pain or stress to go toilet, but then dont know the cause of him problematic bum, or whether all of which is caused by the environmental factors caused by not following my instruction.

Can anyone suggest what might be wrong or how i can help him until i can take him to the vets, im spraying him every half hour but not sure what else i can do.

I appreciate any help or suggestions


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though i had given some vitamin and mineral powder the pot seemed to be near full when i got him back though they said they used it im not sure that they had used it all the time. Also i found out they were feeding him insects they caught from their vegie patch so not sure if they had been contaminated with chemicals as lots of gardens in area and assume at least one of the neighbours would have used pesticides
Looks like a swollen hemipene, possibly from an infection. He really needs to go to a reptile-experienced vet ASAP. In the meantime, try soaking him in warm water, just deep enough to cover his vent, to keep it moist.
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