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So my male veiled is about 9 months old, he has been closing one eye recently and rubbing it on the sticks, now I have given him a few showers just in case there is any debree in his eye but it doesn't look like it, when hes out of the cage his eyes are perfect and normal which makes me think that it has something to do with his lights, I have a big cage so I need more then just the 2 bulbs to keep the right temps so I have been using a uvb 5.0 reptisun bulb a 150 watt day glow basking bulb and a blue reptile bulb that's a 100 watts, now the temps are set correctly for a good basking spot at 90 and the rest of cage at 80 to 75 at bottom, I feel like a gut instinct that it has something to do with the lights blinding him, so do u think its best to take out the big lights I bought at the pet smart and switch them to just a 100 watt and a 40 watt house light bulb ?
Have you changed the compact uv to a linear uv bulb yet? It wouldnt be the heat bulbs causing the problem it would be uv.

You really do only need one 100 watt bulb in one spot as a basking area. the chameleon will decide then the temperatures he wants buy regulating where he is in the cage.
Unless your ambient room temp is quite low, a 100W reptile basking lamp
is overkill.
In spite of the cage size, your cham probably spends part of the afternoon
away from the highest heat of the basking spot and hang out in cooler spots.

This is the time of day I normally let my guyz out on the free range, which
is all indoors, with only window light and about 75F.

They tend to only require 2 or 3 solid hours of basking at between 85 and 90F
to thermoregulate, even though they may still hang out under it longer.

Switch to a regular household bulb, and double check your temps with a
different thermometer.
I tried a ZooMed 100W basking lamp and put a digital therm probe under it
at 8'' and it shot up way over 100F.
A branch perch, about 8'' is optimal distance from a tube 6% UVB, and unless
you raise the basking lamp above the cage top, they would both be the same
distance from the cham's favorite spot.

Does any of that make sence? :rolleyes: it's only 7am here, and I havent
even had coffee yet :eek:
thanks for the advise, I removed the reptile bulbs and just added 100 watt house bulb and it leaves his basking spot at 87.6 which is perfect and he seems happyier
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