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my female laid 4 eggs last night. but didnt lay any eggs or dig any holes today
and she still looks prego and also she's displaying normal and was eating this morning is this normal for them to skip days please help
also i just looked at her she's missing toe nails now and her toes look like the have rub burns at the end also her back legs she was digging for days before laying the 4 eggs im so stressed out please help
While not having a female cham, my other female lizards will some times lay a few clutches several days apart.

To better help the experts, can you list your eggs laying medium and what size pot. Also the age of the female and if she has been bred.

The main thing after egg laying is just to get her hydrated.
age unknown she was mated and egg laying area is 18x18x12deep a mixture of playsand and potting soil
How long ago was she mated??
Dropping eggs is often a bad sign so I hope she will lay the clutch soon for you.
she was bred on june 22 took her to the vet last week and he said she should be laying within 2 weeks
its the bottom of her cage i cut card board put on the side then put play sand and pottin soil in it egg laying area is 18x18x12 deep
she didnt see me she laid the 4 eggs then covered them up
heres a pic 374441_10200834118630110_1795551072_n.jpg
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