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Just saying hi to everyone really..... New here, had Colin about three weeks now, he is a veiled chameleon, has a great personality. He is about 4 to 6 months old I believe and is extremely friendly, loves being handled.

He is on locust and fresh salad, although he doesn't eat a lot of the salad, he did when in the store but seems to be happier with the locust to me, still I keep it fresh for him. He is in a large viv plenty big enough for a grown adult and I set up a drip too for when I can't get to mist it as often as I would like.

Really enjoying him, he already has a personanilty, happy to be held and sit on your shoulder, handle him every day and my daughter does too.

Anyhow just saying hi to everyone here.




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Thats a nice photo, children interacting with reptile/animals is very rewarding for them. My children love it as well and always ask many questions.

Thats a great looking Cham you have:):):)
That's Eleanor..... She does like handling him. She had a leopard gecho for a while but it died bless it. I must say from what I have seen of some chams we have been quite lucky getting a sociable one. He does let you know when he doesn't want handling, he goes very dark and hides, but most of the time he is happy to come out.

He isn't fond of our Labrador though, he hissed at him today when he got too close, but he is a 7 stone puppy and looks a lot scarier than he is.

Been looking into breeding locust or crickets, quite interested to see if I could breed the silent crickets but not sure, he does seem quite happy with locusts.

I have heard mixed stories about feeding things like house flies etc, what is the general thought here, I know you cannot gaurantee if they are parasite free so is it best to just stick to store bought or bread locust and crickets?


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