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Hey there, just wanted to say hello to everyone. I just received 3 Jackson's chameleons last week. 1.2. that are about 5 inches long. They are currently in a 40 gallon breeder waiting for their new screen enclosure, 24x24x48. I was super happy to receive them and got them from a local breeder. I have had all different types of reptiles in the past and still have a bunch. They all have their own herp room. After reading everything on the site I realized that I am already breaking one of the rules of keeping a chameleon, housing them together. They are all eating and doing fine, all have great colors. No stress indicators, so I wanted to know if they can still be housed together until they get a little bigger. All 3 have been drinking from my home made dripped system I made and I just saw the male catch and eat a cricket. Way cool! They are such cool reps and I really don't know why I have not had them before. Well any other advice would be great.
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Welcome to the Forums and congrats on your Jacksons. Amy pictures? Most species of chameleons should not he housed together.
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