Hello! New keepers here :D


Hey Folks,

I just wanted to introduce myself (and my wife Kristen). We just recently brought home our newest family member: Peach! She's an adorable flush pink Panther Chameleon who we *think* is about 6 months old (if anyone out there has any different opinions on that based on her pics we'd be happy to hear them). She currently weighs 49 grams and is extremely social--she loves coming out of her enclosure unsolicited and hanging out on the WIP jungle gym we're constructing :p We've only had her for about 2 weeks but she seems to be settling in great so far. We have some improvements to still do on her enclosure, but we think it's coming along nicely. This is my wife's second Cham (but my first!), we're located in Seattle WA and are excited to attend the PACNW Reptile Expo that is coming up in a couple of weeks.

Thank you for all of the great information here on the forums, it has really helped us prepare for all of her needs, and made us much more informed at her first vet visit.

Here are some cutie pictures of our little:


*Note you might see her in her temporary (exo-terra glass) enclosure and her "travel-to-the-vet" shoe-box enclosure in some of the pictures but fear not, her full sized (large) Repti-breeze is her current full time home.

Looking forward to getting to know you all!

-Jessie & Kristen


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I have not been to any since the late 90's, but it was pretty awesome. I was out of the hobby for quite a while, and just started back up last spring.
Unfortunately will be in Chicago all next week for work, so am going to miss this one as well. Definitely will be going to the July show though.
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