Hello, from Kansas City, MO


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We are new to the forum, and to chameleons. Currently we are researching and setting up a habitat to enjoy a new chameleon soon. We don't have one yet, but am hopeful we'll find one fairly local.

I'm excited to find this forum and will be bouncing in and out of posts and blogs to learn as much as I can.

Hey from KCMO!

Yay, a fellow resident of the Land of BBQ!

Welcome! This forum is a great place - I'd be a mess without the help of the great folks here :) I got my Jackson's Chameleon back in March, and he's just the best.

Dr. Schweizer at Crysler Animal Clinic in Independence is my vet. I've been really happy with him and their prices are very reasonable, if you're in the market for a cham vet.

I picked up my little guy as a rescue from CraigsList, but don't be shy about buying from a reputable dealer/breeder from places outside KC. They ship all the time, so check with the site sponsors if you can't find what you're looking for locally.

Have fun!!
Thanks for the info about the vet in Indi. I'm looking to trade off two female Mississippi Map turtles for a cham... but we weren't able to make it to the KC Rep. show to try. We don't have the space for two female map turtles.... and my son has always loved chameleons!

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