Hello! Fairly new to this community! (But not to chams lol)


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I've been a lurker her for a couple years and in the last month or 2 realized that this wasn't a pay site to become a member. So OF COURSE I immediately joined lol. So now hopefully I can make at least a few new friends, get to know some people I've been reading posts from for so long and maybe network a bit.

Anyway I'm a veteran reptile owner. Infact I grew up with my step dad and his reptile and amphibian importer friends and spent most summers in Arizona with my uncle who caught and raised gila and beaded lizards from Arizona, New Mexico, and over the border in Mexico (before all the border bs started). I've always loved the cold blooded & even went to school to become a herpetologist but between kids & life events I haven't gotten there yet.

I currently raise and breed wc and a select few cb Nosy Faly panther chameleons, numerous species of geckos, bearded dragons, sailfin dragons, pythons, boas, gila, beadeds, & a few venomous species of snakes. Over the years we've owned almost anything imaginable but between kids, dogs, cats, jobs and trying to be grown ups lol we've downsized and assimilated into normal people lol.

Anyway, enough blabbering. Just stopped in to introduce myself and say hello!

So hello!


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Welcome to the forum, glad you finally joined us!

We'd love to see photos of everyone, chameleon or otherwise. We love seeing people's pets!

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Welcome :D I would love to see pics of your sailfin - if I ever got another lizard that was not a cham, besides a crested gecko, it would be one of those ;)


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Welcome to the forums! Sounds like you have a lot of photos to share!!! :D (Did we mention we like to see pics? :rolleyes:)


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Today was cleaning day for them so I had to snap some pics of a pair of our gila. First is the male Odin. Then his girlfriend Phoenix. Their actually almost puppy dog tame. I've been working with this pair for almost 10yrs now.

And last but not least a pair of our cresties (unnamed)

Sorry about the picture quality. Their cell phone pics. Our camera got a swimming lesson it didn't live through recently lol.

Will post more pics as I can take them during cleaning.


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I'm going to try to take pics of our baby Falys tomorrow (I'm still not great at sexing them this young).


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Well hello and welcome! Too bad it took you two years to figure out it was free!:p We are glad you finally joined us!!


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Lol. Wish I'd have thought to check instead of just assuming. Would've been able to enjoy alot sooner instead of lurking around. Oh well. I'm here now.


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BABY PICS as promised lol! Out of 30 fertile eggs in this clutch we have 14 babies out and climbing around, 1 still in the incubator that hatched this morning, 3 unfortunately didn't make it out of the egg, and 1 passed (not sure how).

They started hatching 6-31-13 after being laid 11-30-12. Still have 11 eggs still to go.

Thinking about adding a dowl rod jungle gym to the baby bin but haven't gotten there yet.


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Hello tater tot, is your dads name Ron? But really welcome to the forum. Pretty good group here, you are sure to make friends here.

Do you belong to the herp club in KC? My sister lives in Springfield but belonged to the KC club for years. Lee Lewellen. Tiny old lady with gray hair, that is my OLDER sister - she raised me.

I love your cresties. i keep thinking that may be next for me. I have williamsi geckos.


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Hello laurie,
Funny thing is my step dad's name actually was Ron lol but I actually got my screen name from my 15month old son. We named him Tatum but everyone calls him tatertot lol.
Unfortunately we just recently moved to kc and didn't know there was a hero club so I'm definitely going to be looking into that now.
Cresties are really neat and extremely easy to care for. Our geckos are definitely the most self sufficient herps. My 2 passions currently are our gila and chams though with geckos coming in a close third with our ball pythons.
Anyway it's very nice to meet everyone and I love how welcoming this community has been.
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