Hello all!! New guy!!

Hawaiian style

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Hello just got my first 2 Jackson's chameleons and haven't stopped reading about them they are the coolest critters ever!! Like my name says I live in hawaii got my first two chameleons a male and female they were $5 ea on Craigslist lol!!! Gunna go hike and look for medicinal/ edible mushrooms(turky tails, reishi, oyster) and Jackson's!!! Last time I did this trail a 12yo kid had a 12"+ male with 3"+ horns he found on the trail!! And I found lots of reshi on this hike last time so gunna check those! Ill post pics if I find one!!



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Congrats on your Jackson's.....I hope to be getting one next month and what great fun it would be to go out in the wild and find them.


I didnt know cresties live there but congrats and welcome to the forums. You arent housing them together, right?

Mike Fisher

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Welcome! Gotta love those WC Hawaii chams. Wish I could find them in the bushes around here. :) Shrooms...no problem, we have plenty of those including the special kind.:cool:

Hawaiian style

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I could catch 20 gold dust day geckos in an hr at my father in laws house you see at least 5 from the car to front door without even looking!!
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