Hello all Cham lovers..


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As you can tell I am new to the cham-forums.
I have two adorable Veiled Chams, Sato && Newt.
This account will be shared with one other person,
we'll pretty much let you know who's who.

hope to meet some of you.
thanks for join chameleon forums! hope you love it here and spend vast amount of time on here like most of us do :rolleyes: we still have lives and work but we just love it here lol. you should post some pics of your kids! :D

when composing a quick reply, click the little paper clip at the top toolbar. manage (upload) your pictures there and then close that window when all the pics you wanted uploaded are done. click on the paper clip again and click on the individual images or attach all at once!


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Aha, Thanks!
&& will do we've been taking a few pictures of them.

It's all good,
As long as the forum is active which it seems to be more than lively.
I'll get the pictures up as soon as I get them off my camera.
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