Heavy Plant Eater?


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What constitutes as a heavy plant eater?
Like. If I do have a chameleon that likes to munch away on plants, what would be the most highly recommended plant?
I've looked at all the lists and searched other forum threads, but I can't seem to find one definitive plant that many people agree on.
for really big plant eaters, a large consumption of your common cham cage plants (ficus benjimina, schefflera aboricola, golden pothos) could be harmful with side effects or illness. IMHO i would have a selection of ready-to-use plants on hand to switch around from time to time.. that can be costly and time consuming though, another alternative are Hibiscus which tend to be hard to care for in a chameleon cage, at least from my experience. but is 100% safe no mater how much in quantity the chameleon eats. hibiscus leaves and flowers are also a recommended gut loading ingreadient
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