heatlamp in cali


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right now its a lil warm is southern california and i was wondering...the temp right now in his cage is 85 or so. should i turn on the heat lamp or leave it off? pet shops have been leaving theirs off but i dunno.
I live in SoCal also. you can put a lower wattage Basking bulb in, or if you can move your lamp away from the cage so you still have a 95-100 area. Last week during the heat wave it got up into the 90's so I just turned mine off for the day, then turned it on in the afternoon as it cooled off. Hope This helps.

We're having a severe heat wvae up here in the northeast. I turn my heatlamps on for an hour or so in the mornings to give them time to warm up, and then again before the lights go off to dry the cages out.
what are your temperatures in the cages like at night? mine are warm
i had to turn off the heat lights . its 93 today without them.
If you are asking me they are ussually aroung 70 at night, Iv'e been told many times over that as long as the temp. at night isn't below 60 its okay to turn the lights off.
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