Heat & UVB lights


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We got a 3 month old veiled chameleon yesterday. We know to leave the UVB on for 12 hours a day, should we also leave the heat light on for 12 hours?


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What is your cage temps?

Yes leave the uvb on all day long. They grow like weeds and need it.

If the cage gets to at least 80F, i would not use a basking light.

If the cage only gets to 75F, then you could install "a normal house bulb, not a flood" to heat "an area" to 85-90F.

Once they are sub adults, then you can install a "wide flood" that will heat an area to 90-95f.


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I used to do longer hours in summer and shorter hours in winter for mimicking the sun ...14 / 10 so to speak.
But 12 is ok too.
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