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Heart Award

I am happy to announce that Laurie is the latest recipient of the Chameleon Forums Heart Award. Laurie is a former staff member that helped to maintain the community for several years. She personally spent countless hours assisting new members, helping to foster a friendly environment and working to make the community a better place for everyone. She has not been as active lately, but long established members I'm sure remember her contributions and recognize her influence. Thank you, Laurie, for your contributions to Chameleon Forums.

The Chameleon Heart Award is an acknowledgment of those individuals that have greatly contributed to the community in one way or another. Some recipients have developed blogs and resources that over time will reach thousands of people and their pets. Some have worked very hard trying to moderate and keep the community a friendly place for all levels of keepers. Others have for years improved discussions with their experience and knowledge, sacrificing their time to help the community. Some have done all of the above. All recipients of the Heart Award have made a tremendous positive influence at Chameleon Forums.

There are many people who sacrifice their time to help other members, and the community is a much better place because of it. There are also members that add a great deal of knowledge and experience to the table, and they make Chameleon Forums a better resource for everyone. All of these people truly deserve recognition and we are going to try harder in the future to recognize more of them. However, in order to maintain the significance of this specific award it will continue to be given sparingly.

Previous recipients:
Carlton, Carol5208, Chris Anderson, ferretinmyshoes, Jannb, Kinyonga, Olimpia, Sandrachameleon and Trace



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Wow I guess I need to stop back more often. Thank You so much Brad!! I enjoyed the time getting to know and help other forum members. I do look in on all of you at least a couple times a week, but I will promise to get here more often.

My new parsons arrives tomorrow, so I will stop back with pictures.

Thank you again, to all the people who make chameleon forums such a wonderful place to learn and discuss our passion.


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@laurie you have definitely earned this with all the time you spent welcoming new members as well as helping moderate with your style and personality. I hope you know you made an impression on me here on the forums day one when I arrived and thanks for being the fantastic person you are! You inspired me and I thank you! :)
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