He has some balck something on his head


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I keep my males outside just about 365 days a year. They are in a fenced in area, in a pool enclosure. My enclosures are roughly 4’ x 3’.

I do not supplement with vit D, only plain calcium and occasional multivitamin without D3. I have decided to change their supplements based on seasonal changes due to cooler weather in the winter. This is a personal preference as they are not as active when it’s cold so digestion is slower. Not sure how cold it gets where you are located.
Having him outside just remember direct sunlight is going to make them hotter than the actual ambient temp around them. You don’t want to leave him out in direct sunlight with 90 degree temps or even 80s. Temps here in FL will get pretty hot in the summer, upper 90s to low 100s. I have covers for all the enclosures for the summertime and I have an automatic mister that will go off about every 2-3 hrs for 3-4 mins depending on the temps. Last year was not as hot as the previous but I have on occasion had to place a fan outside on hotter days. Lastly, since mine are outside 99% of the time they do not like being moved inside when it’s cold. Even if it’s for a day or two. Have a set up to where having to move him often is not an issue. Hope this helps and makes sense. 😄
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