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I've Put a lot of thought to this, but it's for the better. I currently got a new job that requires me to be out of town for at least 5 days. I'm doing job required training in Phoenix, Training is 8 weeks. On my first 10 days out of home (I live with my Parents) I came back to All my plants dead and my Cham slightly dehydrated. I Watered the Plants and misted his cage. I was out for 5 days again when I went home I again noticed Uncle Sneaky C was slightly underweight. I asked My parents if they fed him, they're scared of grabbing the roaches and just overall have no idea. (he looked Skinnier than Usual). He doesn't look bad , but i have to leave town again. I don't want his health to deteriorate and I want him to keep being the healthy chameleon he is right now.

That being said, My parents re in no way shape to take care of my Cham when I'm out of town. I currently don't have the time needed to take care of him. It hurts me to say this, but I have to part ways with him. I don't want him to live in bad conditions. I'm in the process of Moving out too, ad with work I literally Have zero time. I have provided the best husbandry I've could.

Hes roughly a 2 year Old Male Veiled. I'm asking for a $150 Re-homing fee. (Negotiable, Just making sure its going to someone who actually wants him).
I can Include, If Asked for
- Custom wood/screen cage 29x32x48
- Repashy Calcium Plus LoD
- ZooMed T5 HO 24inch Hood (Bulb has about a month left)
- ZooMed Dual Dome with exoterra basking bulb
- 1 Gallon hand Mister
- Zoo Med Dripper
- Couple Fake Vines

I'm In Tucson. Arizona....
I cannot Ship, If you want Cage You would have to come pick up at my house because it doesn't fit in my car.

I can Get Pics When I'm Back In town, At the moment I have Old Pictures.


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So I got back into town today, and Uncle Sneaky was pretty much the same, nor worse or better than when I last saw him. I did noticed white urine with what seem with some dried solid poop with like wings. I misted his enclosure, and noticed most his plants were dead, I went to Home Depot, Lowe’s,and Walmart, I prep them for the enclosure , put them in and I felt good. I have decided to keep him and just check on him every other day till the time being.


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