Hank Just Shy of Six Months Old 8/11/19


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Hank is growing up so fast and just turned 6 months old on August 17th. Hank is a very sweet and friendly boy. It is such a pleasure to take care of him. Hank weighs 68 grams.

Here's my sweet little blue boy, Hank.

cams08112019 278.JPG

cams08112019 295.JPG

cams08112019 333.JPG

cams08112019 345.JPG

cams08112019 374.JPG

cams08112019 425.JPG


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He is so completely beautiful!

Thank you Michelle!


What lens do you shoot with?

Thank you Sable! Nikon 105 micro

He’s an absolute dream! I love these shots, so beautiful :love:

Thank you Janet!

My goodness he is gorgeous!

Thank you!

Great looking little guy!

Thank you Clayton, for the kind words!

I could cry he’s so cute

Aww! Thank you!
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