Hank 29 Months Old Photo Shoot 7/18/21


Chameleon Enthusiast
My sweet blue boy Hank is 29 months old and weighs 138 grams. Hank is so very sweet and friendly. He is the daddy to the babies that I hatched last month.

angelbainhank07182021 266.JPG

angelbainhank07182021 287.JPG

angelbainhank07182021 286.JPG

angelbainhank07182021 314.JPG

angelbainhank07182021 351.JPG

angelbainhank07182021 376.JPG

angelbainhank07182021 283.JPG

angelbainhank07182021 360.JPG

angelbainhank07182021 323.JPG

angelbainhank07182021 354.JPG
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