Hank’s Getting a Girlfriend Soon


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This pretty little lady will be coming to join our family next weekend.


Hank is excited!



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What a beauty! I hope Hank will be happy!

Thank you Lynda! I sure hope Hank will like her. ❤️

How exciting! Will there be eggs in the future?

Thank you Janet! Hopefully, we might have some eggs and babies.

She looks so sweet! :love:

Thank you Michael! I can’t wait to meet her!

Nice color on that girl too. Looks like a great match.

Thank you!

She's so pretty!

Thank you Ava!

The preview behind her eye is enough!

Thank you Emmy!

She is beautiful! Congrats Jann! So baby Nosy Be's in your future????

Thank you Becca! Hopefully there will be some babies in the future.

She's beautiful, and will make some beautiful babies!

Thank you Michelle! You can add a panther to your family.

Gorgeous lady! Hank is going to be one happy guy! ;)

Thank you Miss Skittles!
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