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First attempt and success!
I chopstick fed my 3 month old panther Morgan this morning. The very first one took about 2 minutes and he couldn't resist. The other 2 after were eaten within a minute. I feel so lucky and stoked that he shot it out of the chopsticks on the first attempt. I noticed that he was extremely interested when the cricket struggled and wiggled around. Gonna keep doing it every morning to get him used to me. Next step would be to let him climb on me to get to his food.


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Sounds exciting... I'm sooo looking forward to getting me similar interaction with my new chameleons. Have you had your chams long? Do let us know how you go and share tips along the way.

My only concern is my sisters mischievous cat that's prowling around the house when I'm at work.


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Cats and chams in the same house is a hazard waiting to happen.

Better take steps before it's too late :eek:

Have you tried hand feeding w/o the chop sticks? just holding the crick between your fingers?

When I do hand feed training for a new cham, I like to use silkies.
Almost all chams LOVE them, and will climb on your hand to get a silkie
that you couls place further up your arm.


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I got Morgan in end of May. He had a concussion from a fall about 3 weeks ago and took about 2 weeks to full recover.

I much prefer handling silkies than crickets. Morgan eats small crix and they are hard to hold between fingers without killing them. I will use my hands when we graduate to medium size crix. He pretty much climbs on my fingers when he is ready without any fuss since I had to handle him daily after his accident to force feed him.
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