Habitat deep cleaning questions..


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My guess is that he just reiterated what's on the label (see my comment above about purveyors).
In going to the mfrs. site (I wasn't aware Dow & DuPont had merged?) I tried getting to consumer safety information. I got only so far (to a boilerplate PDF). On the PDF was a reference to:

Going to that site was a fruitless exercise in circular links, which frankly does not inspire confidence. I could find no such Product Safety Assessment.

Digging further, I did find a PDF of the SAFETY DATA SHEET for Pond & Stone.
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Nineteen pages of data that begins with:

Think about that.

The top of page 2 starts with:

After that, things get scary.

Like I said, it's up to you. Be safe—be well.
Those are all warnings for while using/applying product. Not for once it’s set. Called Dow/Dupont talked to their people about exposure. They said once it’s set if your using the pond & stone it is safe. The pond & stone is safe for fish and plants. Once it’s cured. You still must be careful while applying however and product needs to be dry all the way. The help on this forum is outstanding. Thank you so much for looking into it.
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