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Bug Buffet

Bug buffet is produced by Steve McNary. (SMCNARY on the forum). Bug buffet contains sun dried alfalfa with no additives or preservatives. The next ingredients are 100% organic and preservative free: bee pollen, raw wheat germ, sweet potato, ground poppy seeds, ground almonds, kelp powder, spirulina powder, ground sunflower seeds, ground flax seeds, and zucchini powder. The next ingredients make up a small percent of the total product: whole grain oats, corn meal, dehydrated milk, dried ground peas, oak leaves, and other proprietary ingredients.

Crickets, super worms, meal worms, and other grain-based feeders will gobble up Bug Buffet!

$17 per/lb + shipping

See payment and shipping information at the end of this ad.

Cricket Crack

Cricket Crack is produced by Steve Simms (SSimsswiSS on the forums). Cricket Crack contains the following: alfalfa, dehydrated milk, Canadian pearl barley, oat groats, safflower, maple peas, milo, rice cereal, lima beans, yellow split peas, dry fruit mix, spirulina, white beans, pink beans, red beans, black beans, bee pollen, vitamin C, folic acid, and acidophilus.

Crickets, super worms, meal worms, roaches, and other grain-based feeders will devour Cricket Crack.

$15 per/lb + shipping

See payment and shipping information at the end of this ad.

Super Chow

Super Chow is produced by Steve Simms (SSimsswiSS on the forums) He also produces Cricket Crack. Super Chow contains the following ingredients: alfalfa, organic wheat bran, flax seed, calcium, and dried fruit mix.

Super Chow was formulated and ground a bit coarser for super worms, but can be used to feed meal worms and roaches.

$11 per/lb + shipping

See payment and shipping information at the end of this ad.

WOW Insect Chow

WOW! Insect Chow has 20% protein, with most of the chow being fine ground for baby insects to be able to eat easily.

WOW! Insect Chow is a premium chow made with the following ingredients:
Alfalfa, Bee Pollen, Fish Flakes, Blue Wilderness Cat Food, Non Medicated Chicken Feed, Rep Cal Pellets, Dried Fruits, and Calcium.

Crickets, roaches, super worms, mealworms, buffalo beetles, and peanut beetles devour WOW! Insect Chow.

1 Pound for $9.00

1 Pound of Roach Bedding Chow

Roach Bedding Chow is comprised of fine-ground alfalfa and partially ground non-medicated poultry feed. I use it as a 1-inch edible substrate in my dry species of roaches; Small roaches will burrow into it, and have dinner! It is 1/4 of the cost of Cricket Crack and Bug Buffet, and is an inexpensive way to feed large colonies.

$5 per/lb + shipping

See payment and shipping information below.

Magnetic Camo Chameleon Feeder Cup

In designing the Magnetic Camo Chameleon Feeder Cups we wanted to meet the following design parameters:

1. The cups need to be easily cleanable; the regular cup has a removable climbing plastic grid. Both cups can be sprayed with water.
2. Water cannot collect and drown feeders; all cups have screened bottoms.
3. Easy placement and movement in the enclosure; cups hang on the screen by use of magnets and can be moved easily. In addition, they can be hung using fishing line or florist’s wire. Hanging the pole cup gives the chameleon 360- degree hunting!
4. The cups need to be lightweight for placement in the branches; the 4” cup weighs in at 11 oz., the 3” cup is less than 8 oz., and the pole cup is less than 5 oz.
5. The size of the cup needs to work in large and small enclosures; so cups are just less than 12 inches tall, so they will not be too large for smaller enclosures, but still give enough climbing space for the prey to be easily seen. The Large 4” cup provides double the climbing room for insects so you can double the amount of bugs in this cup. This is especially good for larger chameleon breeds like Parson’s.
6. The cup needs to blend into the vegetation; we chose to camouflage the feeder cups using dark green, black, and brown to blend into the branches in the enclosure.
7. Pricing must be low enough to encourage buying the Camo Cups; with the light shipping weight, already having the equipment for production, and producing runs of 20 at a time, cost to the buyer is an excellent value.

Cups are priced the same; you can request any style or size on your order:

1-2 units……….$16 each
3+ units………...$14 each

To order, email your quantities of each feeder cup to [email protected]

Infrared Temperature Gun

This temperature gun measures a wide range of temperatures, with an accuracy rating of +/- 1.5%. The distance spot ratio is 12:1, the unit is F or C selectable, has auto power off, data hold capable, laser on/off selectable, and runs on 2 AAA batteries.

$15.00 each

See payment and shipping information at the end of this ad.

Gnat and Fruit Fly Sticky Cards

Fungus gnats are easily grown in damp soil, such as plant and feeder bin soils. Fungus gnats also feed on old food left in feeder bins. Fruit fly’s and fungus gnats will multiply quickly on fruits left in feeder bins.

The bright yellow, double-sided, sticky cards really cut down the fungus gnats and fruit flies. Each card comes with a bamboo skewer to stick your card on. Pull off the protective backing on each side, and the fungus gnats and fruit fly’s land, but they can never leave.

$0.75 each or 10 for $7.

See payment and shipping information at the end of this ad.

Coco Fiber

Coco Fiber is the BEST substrate for great odor control, holding moisture, and burrowing. One brick of coco fiber put into 2 gallons of water will give you enough for a 3-inch depth on a 20” x 15” container. If you have Green Banana Roaches, coco fiber is your best option.

1 brick of coco fiber $7.00

See payment and shipping information at the end of this ad.

Water Crystals

Water crystals are used for hydrating feeder insects. You add the dry crystals to water, and in a few hours you have hydrating, gel water crystals. Store in an air-tight container.

1 gallon pack is $5.
2 gallon pack is $8.
5 gallon pack is $17

See payment and shipping information at the end of this ad.

Egg Crates

These are new egg crates at a great price, $0.50 each!

15 crates are $7.50
30 crates are $15

See payment and shipping information below.

Deli Cups/Lids

After several customer requests, we are now offering Insect cup/lid combinations for 50 cents each. The cups come in 3 sizes, 6-ounce, 16-ounce, and 32 ounce. If you want to just purchase the cups, they are 20 cents each, and if you want to just purchase the lids they are 30 cents each.

See payment and shipping information below.


1. Communicate through email at [email protected].
2. Pay Pal is the only form of payment.
3. If I am out of stock on an item, we will email you for a replacement item.
4. USPS Priority mail is the shipping carrier we use, email notification for tracking will come from USPS.
5. To have the Live Arrival Guarantee, you must request to have me ship your order to be “Held at the post office.” That means you will have to pick it up; I will also need your phone number to put on the box, as some postal centers will call you when the package has arrived. Live arrival guarantee is for the cost of the insects, not the shipping.
6. Once we receive your order request, we will send your shipping costs. Our shipping costs will include whatever is needed for the temperatures; heat packs, cold packs, insulated boxes, and the USPS shipping costs. If the order fits in a 12x12x12 box, shipping rarely exceeds $25.
7. If you have questions, email me at [email protected].
8. If you need care sheets, request them by email.
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