Gutloading butterworms?


I know it sounds weird, but all they ever sit in is that bran stuff. Just seems like they might need more than that to give them the calcium they are said to be high in. Especially if they're sitting around for a while. I was thinking about using bug burger, but I know they have to be kept dry. Any thoughts?
bug burger would probably work as a gutload option. I use small pieces of (steamed and cooled) squash, yam, sweet potatoe, carrot, as well as small bits of fruit. I keep them in a well ventilated container with bran and alfalfa as a bedding (which they silk into a mass).

If you buy a great deal more than you are going to use up within a few weeks, best to keep them cool to slow down their metabolisms
I want to keep it as dry as possible. I think I'll try the Dino fuel and maybe dry bug burger mixed into the bran. I usually order about 200 and keep 20-30 on hand. Do the ones I out in the fridge go into a suspended state or should I go ahead and throw some in there as well?
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