US Gutload, Isopods, and Roaches


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I'm taking 3 orders, depending where you are and your weather I may wait until a good week to ship. I have heat packs so please request if needed (no extra cost)

All vegetarian Gutload high protein levels 18-22%
3 lbs left 10.00 a lb

buy 2 lbs of gutload get .5 free

this batch currently includes 35+ ingredients.

Surinam roaches (tong feeding only, fast and climbers, soft bodied high meat to shell ratio)
Mixed adults and nymphs-
50 mixed- 8.00
100 mixed- 11.00

Orange heads- (good feeders non-climbing but fast)
5/8 inch and under nymphs-
50 nymphs- 15.00 (1 available)

Giant Canyon Isopods- (good feeders and cleaners)
Starter Colony-
25 mixed- 20.00 (1 available)
15 young only- 12.00 (2 available)

Flat rate shipping of 10.00 across the US


My live arrival guarantee only is promised if you have warned me of your temps and they are no lower than 35 and no higher than 90(F). If above or below and you have warned me I “may” still ship depending on your situation and depending on my confidence, but LAG will be voided.

You have 48 hours to contact me with any issues the invert is presenting and I will try to help you work through the problems or replace the individual. However if you do not know how to care for this animal, it is up to you to ask me for a caresheet (I promise to offer free caresheets for all animals I offer) however if your set up isn’t even minimum of what they need, your LAG/DOA will be voided and any refunds or replacements will not be offered.

no dubia for sale currently

no hissers

no supers

surinams up

orange head nymphs up

isopods up

gutload up

working on getting stable colonies but weather makes it hard thank you for your patience <3
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