gut loading???

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ok i know what it is just wondering the best way to keep the bugs while doing it in a simple critter carrier is what im doing but they dont seem to be well gut loaded lol i give them apple skin bannan skin and oatmeal any suggestions?:confused:


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If you're keeping mass amounts of crickets or other feeders (ex. roaches), they should be kept in a large container. From my own experience i've found it best to go with a plastic container for feeding purposes. There have been many, many threads on this forum on proper feeder care, so take some time to use the search tab.

As far as gutloading goes, you need two things: a dry food, and a wet food.

Wet foods can be but are not limited to: kale, squash, carrots, oranges etc...

Dry foods contain essential vitamins and minerals basically turning your feeders into living pill capsules. There is a member of this forum who sells a gutload called, "cricket crack." And from what i've heard it has received nothing short of perfect reviews. Many of the sites sponsors also sell a dry cricket meal available to ship nationwide. Sites such as Mulberryfarms and Chamalot Chams, etc... (Sorry if i jacked up the spelling. :p)

Anyways, that's just my two cents, the best advice i can give is search the threads, google it, read about it, watch videos on it, check other forums about it, and do whatever you can to make your pet happy. That's what it comes down to in the end.



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The link in my signature has nutritional info on commonly available fruits and veggies to use for gut loading. Aim for those higher in calcium than phosphorus and avoid goitrogens and oxalates because they can interfere with calcium absorption. Sandrachameleon has many very informative blog posts on gut loading and a great recipe for making your own dry mix - do a search for her blog.


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I use the Cricket Crack that a member on here sells and I've found it to be very convenient and I have very little cricket loss.
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