gut loading crickets


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I thought it might be helpfull to new cham keepers to start A thread on gut loading cricket ideas. This is what mine got today.Some days the crickets eat better than I do.What are you feeding yours?
Curt we have about a million threads on gutloading. Do a search and you will get lots of different opinions on what we all do. I know the problem with them eating better then we do - mine do also- it just doesn't seems right does it???:confused:
i literally just stared at this picture with such disappointment like i was looking at my dinner lol. i actually just said "uhhhhh dinner sucks tonight" lol.

great intentions curt, but laurie is right, there are absolutely tons of threads in regards to gutloading. not only that, our very own SandraChameleon is constantly blogging about what she feeds her chameleons, that alot of us use to learn. but thank you for your contribution to the community, as new commers may not even understand or realize the importance of gutloading, or even gutload period for that matter.

i would suggest that you yourself up in ingredients though, as yams, asparagus and carrot are not sufficient nutrients to sustain the chameleon for a long life. the more SAFE ingredients you use in variety, the risk of over supplementation is lowered. i agree that what you posted is a good beginner source of gutloading if you added a green or two to it. red lettuce and dandelion leaves are greeeeat!
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