Growth Rates of Vieled and Panther Chameleons


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I was wondering if anyone else keeps detailed records of the growth rates of their chameleons?

I am interested in compiling the data to make a nice graphs (yes I am that bored) to post here.

If you are interested in sharing this data you can PM me.

The only Data I need is:
Species, Age, Sex, and Weight (snout to vent length would be nice too, but that can be a pain to get)
i only take weight logs, but i wouldn't know how accurate using someone else' growth log. every chameleon is different, some can have growth sprouts at different times than others. of course feeding, supplimenting and gutloading play an important role in growth as well.

ball park, on average a veiled to my knowledge can grow to full size, between 1 to 1 and a half years, then continue growing but very slowly after that point. reptiles never stop growing. it all depends on how you grow them, and the slower you grow them, the healthier it is for them

[EDIT: the more you avoid growing them fast, the healthier it is. to clarify the above statement, slow growing is not healthy either and will lead to malnourishment] issues]

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