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Good Evening Everyone,

My chameleon has some sort of growth near his vent. He does not seem to be in any discomfort. I first noticed this about a week ago, but thought it was discolored shed. I do not still think that is the case.


Does anyone have thoughts? My info is attached below.

Chameleon Info:
Your Chameleon - Jackson Chameleon, Male
Handling - As little as possible. At most once per week.
Feeding - Staple diet of dubias and superworms. Also fed store purchased hornworms when I can get them and the occasional waxworm. I have fed him wild-caught mantises in the past.
Supplements - Calcium dusting without D3 about every other day. Calcium with D3 and vitamin every few weeks.
Watering - Misting for ~2 minutes twice a day. I also have a dripper that I leave running while I am at work. I see him drinking when I mist him, I am not sure if he uses the dripper, but it's there if he needs it.
Fecal Description - I have never tested for parasites. Consistency of scat looks 'normal.' I do see orange urates from this guy from time to time, despite regular watering and hornworm feeding.
History - I've had this chameleon for a little over a year. No major changes in his care except that I recently swapped out his humidifier (same brand I'd been using) and the pipe that feeds the humidity into the cage. I have no reason to suspect that is related at all.

Cage Info:
Cage Type - ~24 x 24 x 36. Wood and mesh.
Lighting - 8:00am to 10:00pm. Zoo Med UVB 5
Temperature - Measured by thermometer/heat gun: Ambient temp of ~75. Basking area of ~85 at warmest, heat maintained by a regular incandescent bulb.
Humidity - 60-80%, maintained via ultrasonic humidifier and manual spraying. Measured by hygrometer.
Plants - Umbrella plant, pothos, moth orchids (he does not ingest any of them).
Placement - In my bedroom (eg, low traffic area). Top of cage is ~5 feet off the floor.
Location - Sacramento, CA
Current Problem - See: above
Sorry, read the husbandry but didn't notice the link to the pic until now. Wish I could help you, but haven't seen that before. I see that Jannb answered, which is great.
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How's your chameleon doing? Has there been any change with the size, shape of color of the growth? Could you post a few additional pictures? Do you have a chameleon vet incase he need to see one?


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Thanks for the feedback, sorry I disappeared. Other Barry the chameleon seems to be doing well, so I'm not really overly worried, but I would rather be proactive than reactive.

As a general update: He's doing well, no changes, no behavioral symptoms, eating voraciously... I just fed him three hornworms today. The growth doesn't seem to be changing, not getting larger, not shrinking. I'm hoping it just pops off with his next shed, and isn't some weird papiloma virus or something.

I can try and take more pictures, but honestly there's not much more to see. As for veterinarians.. I'm in Sacramento California, so the best ranked exotic vets on my radar are located in Roseville (around 30 minutes away) or at UC Davis (also about thirty minutes away). I can set up a vet appointment, but I'm concerned the stress from the outting might be more deterimental than not going and just keeping an eye on him at home. It's been HOT in Sac (high 90's, low 100s) and I'm worried about temperatures en route to/at the vet's office. Plus, Barry is not a fan of leaving his cage. He'll go from green to almost black whenever I take him out of his cage, even if I just need two minutes to weigh him.


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Thanks for the update. I'm glad to hear he's not looking worst. It's sad that he gets so stressed. My guys all like going to the vets. :) You might want to just take in some poop for a fecal just to make sure he doesn't have parasites. Parasite can cause a prolapse so maybe it's possible to cause his bump by the vent.


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A fecal is probably a good idea. I've been planning to have one done for a while, but he's so adept at hiding his poop it's hard to find a fresh sample in my well planted enclosure.
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