Growth and color of Nosy Be Male


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Hi guys and gals I thought I would share some pics of Booberry my baby male Nosy Be from Screameleons. Booberry was born the 2nd week of Sep 2010

This is the most recent pic taken today. This is his base color not fired up. I can't wait to see him fully grown.

This next one was taken on 30 Jan 11

And the last one which was the first pic of him was taken on Jan 17 2011

I can't believe the amount of coloring up and growth in the past 2 months.


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Same here. Maybe just put em on photobucket, and share the pics right in your thread??

You had me all excited to see him!!! LOL
oh there they r now! wow hes stunning soo blue, so in the second pic he is almost 4months then?
Yes the second was taken at around 4 months. I thought he was going to be a lackluster runt. He must have heard me say that because he has changed so much since then that my mother thinks he's a totally new Cham. LOL Sorry bout the raggedy pic he's in shed. Funny to watch he's rubbing himself all over the screen.
oh that makes me feel better i just weighed my 10 week old and hes only 3g, but he looks almost idecnticle to your guy in the second pic.
i hope he turns out as blue as your boy truely a beautifull cham u have

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