Grieving a Lost Pet


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I've been quiet on this forum lately, mostly because I'm grieving the loss of my Nosy Be, Bluetooth. He was a wonderful chameleon-never hissed, bit or lunged at me and willingly came out of his cage to hang out in his ficus tree. Most of my other chams just want to kill me.
I really enjoyed him. I've never lost a pet to a parasite (coccidia), so it was quite a shock.
Now two of my other chams have tested positive for coccidia and I am treating them for it. For awhile I just lost it. The stuffing came out of me, I vowed to never get another chameleon again and wanted OUT of the hobby. Now, I don't feel that strongly but I am trying my best to muddle along.
I have a terrific reptile specialist veterinarian. She and her staff have been so kind and supportive. They even sent me a sympathy card and made a follow up phone call.
What really teared me up was they made a clay tablet with Bluetooth's foot prints on it. Seeing the imprint of those comical toes made me cry even harder.
Sorry for this post. I don't normally hang my emotions out there for all to see. I guess I just wanted to talk about this since many other people just don't understand that you can mourn a pet that isn't furry or fuzzy or comes when called.
Rest in Peace, Bluetooth. You are missed every day.


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Sorry for this post. I don't normally hang my emotions out there for all to see. I guess I just wanted to talk about this since many other people just don't understand that you can mourn a pet that isn't furry or fuzzy or comes when called.

Totally understand you there... and it is harder for people to see why reptiles are so special to their keepers. I don't know why. Most of the people who heard about Ling's death thought it was sort of comical... which only makes it a million times worse.

You were lucky to have such a sweet guy! That's awesome about the footprints... a nice way to keep him remembered always. Glad you decided not to get out of the hobby and stick it out with your other guys.

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:( sorry to hear about your loss, and I know what you mean about people not understanding how someone could love a snake or lizard. I lost a Jackson chameleon first one I ever had five years to day after I bought him. He was the coolest ANIMAL I ever had and that includes my load mouth dog. When I lost him I didn't get anything for like two years I was mad my buddy died but one day I took the plunge and got another one and while I'll never forget Jackson I'm glad I got another one. It can get frustrating when they get sick though on more then one occasion I've said that's it no more animals and every time it dosent last long. :D


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Sorry to hear that , what a bummer you had with coccidia :(

I think its really cool though that you got some imprints of Bluetooth's feet.


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What a nice touch, sounds like a hell of a vet Theresa.
Your emotion is understood and most of us can empathise with that sudden 'empty' feeling
that cant quite be expressed in words.
Pain is universal, and mourning is a natural and very personal process thats different for each of us.
Another pet never replaces one lost but can emphasize the pleasure we derived while they were here. Personally I think the pain of loss is worth the joy and pleasure a pet brings, no matter how long or short their span. :)


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My condolences and empathy sincerely.

I lost one of my special boys Earl in December here it is March and I just now tore down his cage, it's just hard to accept sometimes.

I hope you feel better soon

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You don't realise just quite how attached you can become to a lizard until you lose one. Almost 2 years ago I lost my first female, Lily. I wasn't prepared for how much losing her affected me - far worse than any furry pet. Losing her hurt so much, I cried so much I couldn't see properly. I don't know quite what it is with chameleons, but they just draw you in and you end up loving them more than you ever thought possible.

That was such a lovely thing that your vet did, they sound like wonderful people. My Lily was cremated and I have her ashes in a tiny cardboard casket on a shelf above where her vivarium used to be.


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I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm still grieving my female Jacksons (Astrid) that I lost months ago. I'm still not over it. Some pets are just that special...


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Aw, i'm sorry... :( Most people don't get it but it's nice to know that we have each other on these forums to talk to and only WE understand.


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Im so sorry for your loss. Losing a friend is always so hard. Hang in there.
Sending love and light your way.


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I'm very sorry for your loss!

What kind of medicine did they use to treat the coccidia? Some are much harder on the animal's system than others.
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