Greetings from the land of the midnight sun.


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I just wanted to say hi and say what a great wealth of info.and cool ,helpful people here.I just got my first veiled chameleon ,a male Charlie,prob. around 2-3 months old,he's doin great very friendly most of the time ,eats from my hand.It's very dry here most of the time so I will have to make sure he's drinking enough.Anyway I just wanted to say hi and if anyone has any questions for me feel free to ask away.thanks again ,Bruce,K


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Welcome! You have an Amazing place to call home btw! You are correct this place is jammed packed with great info (I'm still exploring myself) and great ppl. Any questions or concerns a quick search usually gets you results but if not just post away! And gl with your little one sounds like you have one with a great personality, I have a Yemen myself that is also friendly :). The link is of my first post to which sandrachameleon kindly replied to and with great links regarding yemens. Take a look hope it helps!

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Welcome :D to the forums - there is a rule here - if you post, we must see a pic of your cham ( just kidding - :p but we LOVE chammy pics !! babies even more so :D ) this is the most helpful, friendly cham site (imo) EVER - the vets who are part of this forums are great, and no one will ever make you feel "dumb" about any ? you ask - everyone wants to help each other - its great - they are even putting together a thread on POOP - lol - but that is a great way to kinda tell the health of your cham- so even poop pics are welcome :p
Alaska is so pretty - you are lucky :)

once again - Welcome :D
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