Great new feeder cup

That looks great. I understand that they can't climb up plastic to escape, but can't they just jump out. I am sick of finding crickets loose in my house and I am also looking for a way to keep them where I want them.
They can jump out Jewel, but it hasn't happened yet.
The cricket would have to determine it was going to escape then assess the open area, calculate the distance etc...they're not smart.
If one did manage to jump out it would be an accident.
The screen, food and moisture source seem to keep them content. They are much more likely to want to climb up the screen then to hop out.
You should try making one of these for your new screen enclosure.

Thanks Brad for the info. I think I will get my son to make one as soon as he finishes up the cage. The cage will be finished later this week and it looks great, he has done a great job on it. I will post pictures of the cage when it is complete.
Did I mention that I made the Bill Strand feeder using the flat part of egg carton for the badk insect walk? They love it and I'm thinking the light to dark bug contrast helps Fractal see the action better.
I also made one of these after reading your blog - and it is amazing! This is the thing I am probably most proud of in my guys cage. It looks completely natural and is a 100% functional. Thank you so much for posting this wonderful knowledge.

My only advice to anyone else who does this project - be neat with the glue when putting the screen in. If you leave a small glue trail on the inside of the bottle it will give the crickets enough traction to climb out. Also - I don't know if I missed it in your blog - a small screen section needs to be put in the bottom of the bottle - otherwise the crickets will get stuck in the small pockets at the bottom of the 2-liter.
Good hints.
At this point Kitty really searches the bottom of the bottle for any hiding food, but I think the screen on the bottom is a great idea!

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