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I read a bit about pregnancy and laying eggs and i'm still wondering if thats the case with my female veiled (9months old). What is a gravid color?

She hangs out in the bottom of her cage and she's not eating. I put a laying basket about 7-8 inch diameter and 4 inch deep filled with potting soil. I put some dead leaves and branch to make it natural, but she doesnt seem to be much interested. She's dark and weak from not eating. She gets colorful when i mist her though. Whats wrong ? what should i do now ?
Here is a good example of what a gravid veiled female looks like from the Kammerflage website.


Please note though that they do not always show this gravid coloration, sometimes when they are carrying infertile eggs they will stay pretty much their normal colors.

The laying container is a good idea. One of my females quit eating for almost 3 weeks before she laid her last clutch. You may want to mix some sand in with the potting soil in the container to make it a little more sturdier and make sure that it is kind of damp.. enough so that it will hold a tunnel and not collapse if she does start to dig. The dead leaves aren't necessary. Also keep her as well hydrated as you can.

Her behavior could also be symptoms of another problem, so don't rule out a vet visit if it continues much longer, especially if she is not digging.

Try filling this out. It will help everyone get an idea of her husbandry and maybe help pinpoint any other problems she may be having.
I use decent sized flower pots. I believe it is 14" tall and around 12" in diameter. Filled almost full. Probably around 10"-12" (deep) of soil in it. I use a mix 1/2 and 1/2 mix of peat moss and sand. The soil is kept moist but not wet. Other people use different soil make-ups. It is placed in the back of her cage for privacy. This is also why I left the top portion empty. If I should walk in the room while she is digging she will not spot me as quick. Also there is a branch that runs to it so she can enter and exit easily.
she close to a fan,u think that can be the problem maybe ? and is 8 months old a right age to lay eggs for the first time ?
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