Gravid quadricornis


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Hello all!
Well my female quadricornis is more far along than I thought. She has started to develop a fairly large belly the past few weeks. Today I palpated her, and felt some eggs. The weird thing is that she has allowed my male to breed with her four times. My question is, should I put a laying bin with her now, or wait until she starts not eating, and wandering? I am going to construct a simple cage so she can be alone from the male, and have her privacy.

Well finally!! Congratulations. In my opinion it is never to early to have a laying bin in with them. Once it is in place, I relax knowing she can lay when she wants.

I have a gravid quad arriving today from Chad at Tiki Tiki I am so excited.:D:D We can babysit eggs together.:D
Hahaha. I don't know why she is still breeding though. But she does feel like a little marble bag. But they are not down to the bottom of her belly yet, they are under the ribs and above the back legs where the tail begins.

I guess we can babysit eggs together :D
I have her in her enclosure, and with the laying bin. I have it completely covered, as she does not like the sight of me. I think she will be laying them within a week, she has started pacing, but she is still chowing down. I can't wait until she lays them, it will be great. Setting up the incubation medium now.

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