Gravid or Receptive? Please!!

ISA my Veiled

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Hey guys I just got Isabella back from my friends and I noticed she has a ton of new markings, I haven't had her for the past 6 months almost and I can't tell. Let me know, and yes I know she looks a bit tubby, I feed her every other day. I don't know what feeding schedule they had her one but in my opinion the tubbyness in the back area looks more like eggs to me. Please let me know! I'll be posting in a moment when I send it from my phone.
Here are the pictures


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She is very fat and there is a good chance she is gravid. I would get her a laying bin

See I was thinking that too, she hasn't really been overweight until this past month when I have been going to my friends more frequently to see her and then I bought her back. Then she started getting the orange markings with some blue dots but they aren't very distinct or popping out like i see in other pictures of other Veileds... And she does have a good laying bin set up set since I got her back, her previous one. She keeps going down to the bottom of the cage but has no interest in the laying bin, well at least I haven't caught her which I intend on not doing because I don't want to ruin the privacy.
Alrighty then.. Well I put a shower curtain over her cage to give her privacy tomorrow while I am at work so we will see if that works out the way I want it to. Any suggestions?
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