Gravid color from lighting or something else??


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So I’ve been slowly separating my baby veils from there 3x2x4 enclosure. They are about 3-4 months old. The male I separated just recently (His name is 13) got a 2 ft Arcadia 12% for his new 1.5x2x2, now here’s the problem.
He turned gravid colors after just being lime green like his siblings. This is day 3 of dark 13… is it the light being too strong, the separation, or the smaller enclosure which is still a great size enclosure..?

Temp is 76 low 72
Humidity pretty on consistent 44

Hydro system installed for hourly

Crickets strictly for now, 1 dozen a day, weekly calcium d3 and vitamin rep-cal combo
Only chicken feed gutload

Live plants Petra Croton, Dwarf umbrella, and a hibiscus I’m trying to revive

Little to no handling
Sorry if I missed anything


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I wouldnt turn it up too much but if you do just keep an eye on him so he doesnt get burnt cuz the temp you have it on is correct but some males like to be a little warmer on the basking temp from some of the stuff ive read.
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