Grammostola pulchripes molting


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The last few weeks one of my spiders hasn't been eating so I knew she was heading into a molt. I came home the other night and found her upside down (this means shedding is imminent) and in a protective cocoon of web.

Close-up of her pre-shed chelicerae and fangs.

Within a few hours the skin on the abdomen breaks and the spider starts to push off the old skin.

Freshly molted chelicerae, fangs and mouth parts.


Drying off and hardening up.

All told this process took about 5 hours and was really neat to watch from beginning to end. Hope you all enjoyed and weren't too creeped out.



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Wow, those pictures are AWESOME! G. pulchripes are amazing looking things and get HUGE. I always miss when my T's molt. :rolleyes: I have 2 T's in pre-molt at the moment and am just waiting for them to molt and compare the size difference. :D


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Gee thanks for tonight's nightmares. Sorry I didn't know what they were by the scientific name or I would have known better than to open your thread. Not even for your critters could i look at them, I got past about 4 and had to stop. I am such a wimp, spiders just really do it to me. I am happy for you --- & IT.
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