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Well, was informed today some terrible news and I must do what I think is best. Its been a long 1yr and almost 6months of being on the forums. Most seen when I started out with Ringo and Angel the veiled. Now I'm ending it with pretty much nothing.

Your right I don't have much experience but the best way to get experience is putting your foot in the door. I apologize if all my threads are confusing and stupid, one of the reasons why I'm leaving.

Yes love and happiness for your chamber can't pay for a vet bill. Luckily I've had no reason to take any of my pets to the vet. Yes I know that bearded dragons are more easier to take care and are completely different from chameleons. But like I said earlier you can't get your foot in the door unless you try!

My enclosure designs threads are put together to gather suggestions. I change my mind alot of how I would like it to be put together. Maybe I should of started just one thread and posted all my ideals there. But too late now.

Anyways I didn't start this thread to start a fight. I started it because I realized that my place might not be here. I may lurk around, but I'm not posting. For those of you who have seen me though with my veileds, I would like to thank you for your support.

Anyways... goodbye CF!
I am not sure I understand why you are leaving us. I don't recall any of your threads being stupid. If you are not getting out of chameleon keeping then you should stick around! I hope you change your mind
I also don't you feel that people were being mean to you? I don't see any problems with your threads or why you think you don't belong. If there's anything you'd like to discuss in private please feel free to message me. I hope you stick around.
You really should have started with a beardie but if you want to do chameleons that's fine just know that there very difficult animals to keep alive and require ALOT of work that's why beardies are recommended first because there easier but still you can just give up U GOTTA KEEP TRYN I started with cheap chams like jacksons and Senegals and some died but in the end no matter how heartbreaking there losses were I gained the experience I have today that has helped me keep my very healthy veiled Cham morph alive
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