Good plant for holding water?


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So I use a few different live plants. Hibiscus, schefflera, cane, pothos.

I was wondering besides those, has anyone found a safe plant that is smaller/medium that has nice leaves that hold water well on the leaves for drinking?

Some of the plants when you mist them you can see some water build up on the leaves, but after a while it drips off. So was curious if anyone found a good plant for holding water on the leaves!
grape vine & star jasmine; the grape is covered in tiny hairs that hold water really well and the star jasmine just has a whole bunch of leaves (and smells awesome!). I also have a scarlet star bromeliad that holds water on its leaves pretty well too, no problems w. that as of yet
Do you have any issues with the grapevine producing grapes? Is there a "Grapeless" grapevine haha?

I could see the star jasmine taking over the entire enclosure, so I probably won't go with that.
i think there is a grapeless ornamental grapevine, but no idea of its species...

if you have enough light to grow hibiscus then you can probably also do bougainvillea, which has a lot of leaves and grows well (attractive too!). just use an arid soil mix/high drainage mix
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