Good Crestie Pics!


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Everyone finished shedding and were a little fired up over cricket-night! The male and first female are from Ryan J-and the second female is from Catherine Adams...I currently have 2 eggs cooking from these guys.



Female #1:

Female #2:



Ryan Jarosek

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Is the male and the first female fired up?

The male looks to be a red Harley phantom pinstripe. If it is fired up and doesn't go red I would call it orange.

The first female is a partial pin. I am only saying that because it looks like there is white spots along the dorsal area that forms the stripe. If its not white she looks like phantom pin to me as well. Also with her I can't tell if that is fired or not. Is she yellow or red? maybe cream?

Here is an awesome place to try and match them up.
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